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Kenneth Nurridin

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Welcome to the Philadelphia Masjid, the largest African-American Masjid in the city!  Established in 1975, The Philadelphia Masjid is dedicated to following and teaching the Glorious Quran and the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.S.).  Our motto is, "Ahlan wa sahlan.  Marhaban."  "Come and worship with us.  You will be treated like family with ease and comfort."     

 ​Imam Kenneth Nurridin




Welcome to The Philadelphia Masjid


The Month of Ramadan is at the threshold of our Masjids and our homes.  Ramadan is a yearly visitor who comes laden with treasures and gifts.  As we anticipate it's arrival, based upon the sighting of the Hilal (the new moon), we prepare our hearts to house this welcomed guest.  We will gather at the Philadelphia Masjid to witness the appearance os the Hilal on Tuesday, the 15th of May at sunset.  If this is the onset, we make Dua, asking Allah to bestow upon us the Blessings of this magnificent month.   We ask Allah to shower us with His mercy and to grant us His forgiveness.

As Ramadan approaches, let us begin to restructure our lives by increasing our worship.  Let us be more conscientious in fulfilling our obligatory deeds and performing actions which bring us closer to Allah; actions which help to cleanse our hearts and strengthen and increase our faith.  Let us strive to remove the rust and negligence which encumbers us and causes us to be separate from Allah, and thus each other. 

The new structure and order that manifests itself in this Holy Month is replete with opportunities to transform us into a new life.  We will gather at The Philadelphia Masjid each day before Fajr to take Suhur (the morning meal) between 2:30am- 4:00am, pray in congregation, and recite the Quran.  We fast until the sunset, not only from food, drink and marital relations, but we restrain ourselves from engaging in all acts which diminish the fast.  We increase our good deeds, our charity, we rectify our relationships and when not engaged in our livelihood, we should make the Quran and the Masjid the focus of our lives for this month.  We will have lectures daily, between Asr and Maghrib prayers by various leaders to further unify the Muslim community.  The Quran and Lessons from the Seerah (the life of the Prophet) are fundamentals that were left to us by our Prophet (SAW), and will be our focus.The Philadelphia Masjid will have Iftars every night during the month of Ramadan.  

Let us rise up in this month and respond to all that is good.  Let us come forth, back to the Salat, back to the Quran, back to the Masjids, back to each other.  Let us increase our good and restrain our sins and shortcomings.  Let us turn to Allah  and beg Him for His mercy and foregiveness.  Let us beg of Allah to make our hearts firm in the Din, the way of life that is pleasing to Him,  Let us ask Allah to keep our hearts together in the same manner that we see our bodies, mindes and souls respond as one entity during Ramadan.  We ask Allah to enable us to sustain this reality in quality and quantity throughout the year.

Imam Kenneth Nurridin

Resident Imam, Philadelphia Masjid

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Eid Celebration for the Community Will be Friday, June 15, 2018 

Takbirs Begin at 8am, Eid Prayer Begins at 9am

Khutbah by Shadeed Muhammad, "Reclaiming Our Communities"